6. Technology Platform To Raise The Bar in Healthy Air

Ventilation is more challenging than ever for indoor environments including workplaces, offices, schools, hospitals and public buildings.

In collaboration with Aircuity we can now engineer and commission a project for your healthy building strategy to measure, manage and communicate indoor air quality for the design life of the ventilation system. Aircuity has been creating technology for healthy and critical indoor environments for over 20 years internationally and last seven years in Australia.

Measure the indicators of indoor air quality (IAQ) including airflow, carbon dioxide, particle counter (dual channel), total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) and relative/aboslute humidity.

Measuring IAQ parameters shouldn’t involve guesswork – there are actual science-based IAQ standards and thresholds to follow (see here on page 2). Right now TVOCs are a critical parameter considering that stronger cleaning chemicals are being used over a larger amount of indoor space.

To incorporate energy efficiency we recommend a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) using Aircuity’s demand -based-control strategy. A DOAS will provide the most economical and energy efficient HVAC system for delivering ventilation and adequate indoor air quality.

For more information about the Aircuity platform for commercial buildings you can watch this two minute promotional video. Thank you.

Video courtesy of Aircuity