Technology Platform To Drive Performance in Buildings

According to Australia’s scientific community, ventilation and air quality are more important than ever within enclosed environments including workplaces, offices, schools, hospitals and public buildings.

In collaboration with Aircuity in Boston MA we can now provide a platform for your healthy building strategy to measure, manage and communicate air quality for the life of the building. Monitor the indicators of indoor air quality including outdoor airflow, building pressurisation, carbon dioxide, particles, TVOCs, temperature and relative humidity.

For more information about the Aircuity platform for commercial buildings you can watch this 2 minute video

Video courtesy of Aircuity

Environmental Monitoring Targets

The following can be considered industry best practice for healthy commercial building targets:

Outdoor Ventilation¹> 15 L/s per person
Building Pressurisation+ 2.5 to 10 Pa
Total Volatile organic Compounds²< 500 μg/m³
Micro Respiratory Particles (0.3 – 0.5 microns)3TBD
PM 2.5 (0.5 – 2.5 microns)< 15 μg/m³
Carbon Monoxide< 9 ppm
Carbon Dioxide200-500 ppm differential above outdoor air
Relative Humidity40 – 60%
Leveraging the data to inform better decisions
  1. Deploy thermal dispersion sensor for most accurate and repeatable measurement of air flow
  2. Deploy PID and MOS sensor for most accurate measurement of TVOCs
  3. Research for target of this particular range is ongoing