Can We Monitor The CO2 Level To Verify How Good The Air Is?

Yes, this is a useful technique in a lot of spaces, although it has some limitations. Outdoor CO2 in our cities is currently about 450 ppm, and human breath increases this concentration.

In well ventilated spaces, CO2 should stay below about 800-950 ppm in normal times. However during a pandemic it is better to be closer to 700 ppm. In poorly ventilated spaces CO2 can reach levels of 3,000-5,000 ppm which is a very dangerous situation.

Surveying retail, pubs and clubs, libraries, classrooms and public buildings can be useful to get a general sense of which spaces may have the worst ventilation, and prioritizing actions there.

Measuring CO2 concentration continuously can be done with a wireless monitor. We recommend NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) sensing technology for accuracy. We have found Aranet4 PRO monitors to be a reliable instrument.

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For longer term monitoring and management of indoor air quality (IAQ) across multiple parameters we recommend our tailored engineered solution for your healthy building strategy.