I2SL’s new laboratory benchmarking tool gears up for sustainable science

The new Laboratory Benchmarking Tool (LBT) is the foundation of Labs2Zero program. This ambitious program from the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratory’s (I2SL) will help owners, managers, designers and engineers take steps to accelerate the decarbonisation of laboratories and related hi-tech facilities.

Australian lab owners can now compare energy and carbon emission performance with international peers using the LBT. Comprised of nearly 1,000 peer group buildings the benchmarking tool can help prioritise opportunities within a portfolio of buildings and provide context for public energy and emissions disclosure data.

Summary Statistics for Selected Peer Group Buildings

If you are an occupant, ask the director or manager of your building to be part of I2SL to learn and discuss how to make a building more energy efficient.


What information should I have available before I start to enter a new building?

The LBT includes a large number of data fields on each building. Some of these fields are mandatory. Please provide as many of the optional fields as you can! Please see this document for a full list of all LBT data fields.

Who should use the LBT?

The LBT is designed to be used by a wide range of professionals, including facility owners, energy managers, consultants, and design engineers. It can be used to benchmark labs from any industry sector, including commercial, academic, government, and healthcare sectors.

I2SL is dedicated to advancing sustainable laboratories globally. As a not-for-profit organisation we can only do our work with support of members and sponsors.

Membership forms are here. Contact John if you have any questions.

International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL)