A clear vision for a BMS project

HVAC system at Western University, London, Canada by Scott Webb

The iron law of project management says only 0.5% of projects are delivered on budget, on time and on benefits, according to Bent Flyvbjerg and Dan Gardner in their new book How Big Things Get Done. The old ways of project delivery don’t work and BMS is no different.

Facing reality, you must start your project with a clear vision and communicate this relentlessly throughout design and construction phases in a coordinated manner.

This document is the first tool that communicates your vision to the project team. It does this by detailing the functional requirements and expectations of how the system will be used and operated.

For our project example the expectation of the Building Management System (BMS) is to centralise and simplify the monitoring, operation, and management of the facility. This is done to achieve:

  • Safe and more comfortable working environment for occupants
  • Efficient asset operation with reduced effort by maintenance technicians
  • Reduce energy costs and emissions

The BMS is used and operated for:

  • Simpler operation with routine and repetitive functions programmed for automatic operation
  • Reduced operator training through on-screen instructions and supporting graphic displays based on the operators’ roles and tasks
  • Investigate performance issues with HVAC&R systems, power management, and electrical distribution to enable faster and better responsiveness to occupant needs and trouble conditions.
  • Technical efficiency of the facility with actionable data for effective operation and maintenance

When management and technicians are familiar with a particular manufacturer in existing facilities, then using this known BMS will sometimes help simplify operation of a new or refurbished facility.

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