Roles and responsibilities

All parties need to reset and refine their roles and responsibilities in a rapidly evolving need for drastic action with decarbonisation of commercial buildings to mitigate climate action.

General management plan

The Independent Commissioning Authority (ICA) is engaged directly by the Owner. In general, the ICA coordinates the commissioning activities and reports to the Owner. TheICA’s responsibilities, along with all other contractors commissioning responsibilities are detailed in the project specifications. The Specifications will take precedence over the Cx Plan. All members work to fulfil their contracted responsibilities and meet the objectives of the Contract Documents.

Team members

The members of the team consist of the ICA, assigned members of the Builder, design professional (in particular the mechanical engineer), the mechanical sub-contractor, electrical sub-contractor, test and balance representative, BMS controls sub-contractor, and any other installing subcontractors or suppliers of equipment. The Owner’s building or plant operator/engineer is also a member of the commissioning team.

Independent Commissioning Authority (ICA)
  • Organise and lead the Commissioning (Cx) Team.
  • Facilitate and document the Owners Project Requirements (OPR).
  • Verify that the Cx Process Activities are clearly stated in all scopes of work.
  • Integrate the Cx Process Activities into the project schedule.
  • Prepare a Cx Plan that describes the extent of the Cx Process to meet the Owner’s Project Requirements.
  • Update the Cx Plan during each phase of the project to incorporate changes and additional information.
  • Review and comment on the ability of the design documents to achieve the OPR for the commissioned systems and assemblies.
  • Prepare the Cx Process Activities to be included as part of the project specification. Include a list of all individual trade contractor responsibilities for all the Cx Process Activities.
  • Execute the Cx Process through the writing and review of Cx Process Reports, organization of all Cx Team meetings, tests, demonstrations, and training events described in the contract documents and approved Cx Plan. Organisational responsibilities include preparation of agendas, attendance lists, arrangements for facilities, and timely notification to participants for each Cx Process activity.
  • The ICA acts as chair at all commissioning events and ensure execution of all agenda items. The ICA prepares minutes of every Cx Process activity and send copies to all Cx Team members and attendees within five workdays of the event.
  • Review the plans and specifications (during the Predesign and Design Phases) with respect to their completeness in all areas relating to the Cx Process. This includes verifying that the OPR has been met, and that there are adequate devices included in the design to properly test the systems and assemblies and to document the performance of each piece of equipment, system, or assembly.
  • Schedule all document review coordination meetings.
  • Attend the project’s prebid meeting to detail the design professional or contractor Cx Process requirements.
  • Schedule the predesign and preconstruction Cx Process meeting within 60 days of the award of the contract at some convenient location and at a time suitable to the attendees. This meeting will be for the purpose of reviewing the complete Cx Process and establishing tentative schedules for the Design-Phase and Construction-Phase commissioning activities.
  • Develop the initial format to be used for Issues and Resolution Logs throughout and for each phase of the Cx Process.
  • Schedule the initial owner training session so that it will be held immediately before the contractor training. This session will be attended by the owner’s O&M personnel, the design professionals, the contractor, and the CA. The CxA will review the OPR and the design professionals) will review the BoD.
  • Review proposed contractor-provided training program to verify that the OPR is met.
  • Attend a portion of the contractor-provided training sessions to verify that the OPR is met.
  • Receive and review the systems manual as submitted by the contractor. Verify that it meets the OPR. Insert systems descriptions as provided by the design professional(s) in the systems manual.
  • Witness system and assembly testing. Verify the results and include a summary of deficiencies. Supervise the Cx Team members in completion of tests. The test data will be part of the Cx Process Report.
  • Periodically review record drawings for accuracy with respect to the installed systems. Request revisions to achieve accuracy.
  • Verify that the systems manual and all other design and construction records have been updated to include all modifications made during the Construction Phase.
  • Repeat implementing of tests to accommodate seasonal tests or to correct any performance deficiencies. Revise and resubmit the Cx Process Report.
  • Prepare the final Cx Process Report.
  • Assemble the final documentation, which includes the C Process Report, the systems manual, and all record documents. Submit this documentation to the owner for review and acceptance.
  • Recommend acceptance of the individual systems and assemblies to the owner (in accord with the defined project requirements)
  • Recommend final acceptance of the systems to the owner /PM
Design professional
  • Participate and assist in the documentation of the initial OPR.
  • Document revisions to the OPR and obtain approval from the owner.
  • Document the BoD.
  • Prepare contract documents, including the integration of the Cx Process requirements and activities provided by the ICA.
  • Prepare contract documents that coordinate required interfaces between Systems and Assemblies,
  • Attend the Predesign and Design-Phase coordination and review meetings.
  • Respond to Cx Team design submission review comments and other issues in a timely manner.
  • Attend the pre-bid and reconstruction meetings as scheduled by the ICA.
  • Specify and verify that the operation and maintenance of the systems and assemblies has been adequately detailed in the construction documents.
  • Review and incorporate as appropriate the ICA’s comments from submittal reviews,
  • Participate in the initial operation and maintenance personnel and occupant training session by presenting the project BoD.
  • Participate in other training as detailed in the training program.
  • Review test procedures submitted by the contractor.
  • Review and comment on the CA’s periodic Cx Process Progress Reports and Issues and Resolution Log reports.
  • Review and accept record documents as required by contract documents.
  • Review and comment on the final Cx Process Report.
  • Provide all information required for the operation and maintenance of the system or assembly as part of the initial submittal.
  • Provide the requirements to maintain the warranty as part of the initial submittal.
  • Coordinate and accomplish factory acceptance tests (FATs) as detailed in the specifications.
  • Provide training as detailed in the training program contained n the specifications.
  • Demonstrate operation and performance of the system or assembly as detailed in the contract documents.

Credit: ASHRAE Guideline 1.1-2007 The Commissioning Process