Instruments are custom built to meet your project requirements directly with the manufacturer. Our local support for the owner’s facility team provides added assurance.

Air Matters

A sustainable future of work is characterised by an employer focus on employee health and wellbeing.

Today’s movement in the workplace from WELL, RESET and others highlight the essential requirement of indoor air quality for productivity. 

Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring

Ebtron’s high quality instrumentation provides accurate and repeatable measurement in ducts and plenums. Ideal for real time outdoor air (OA) delivery monitoring and advanced control applications in building pressurisation.

Temperature and alarm capability plus BMS network connectivity make this our choice for all sizes of commercial ventilation systems.   

Example of airflow measuring station display on BMS workstation: Reproduced with permission of Systemax Brisbane

Carbon Dioxide CO2

Indoor COlevels can be used as predictor of occupancy levels. Measurement locations are distributed on a control network in the occupied space with a location outside. A differential CO2 setpoint is established and outdoor air flow delivery is optimised to reduce energy demand.

Combine real time airflow and CO2 measurements for insight to minimum ventilation levels and demand control performance.

Outdoor CO2 levels over a typical month during 2018 in central Sydney. Image courtesy of Aircuity.

For a technical submission on your next project get in touch with John Penny. Alternatively review the manufacturer’s web site for specifications – Ebtron