Accessories are customised to meet your operational requirements directly with the manufacturer. This enables factory support for start-up, testing and maintenance.

Outdoor Air Treatment

Today’s movement in the workplace towards health, wellness and productivity from WELL, Fitwel® and others highlight the essential requirement of indoor air quality and ventilation effectiveness.

Airflow Measuring Stations

Ebtron’s GTx116-P+ is a premium measurement solution for accurate and repeatable measurement in ducts and plenums. Ideal for continuous outdoor air delivery monitoring and fan tracking applications. Temperature and alarm capability plus network connectivity make this a wise choice for critical ventilation systems.

Example of airflow measuring station display: Reproduced with permission of Systemax Brisbane

Carbon Dioxide Sensors. Accurate measurement of carbon dioxide CO2  is essential as a predictor of occupancy. Sensors are distributed on a control network in each occupied space with one located outside the building. A preset differential COppm is established and outdoor air flow delivery is adjusted accordingly.

Combine airflow measuring stations and CO2 measurements for population estimating in demand control ventilation.


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