Airflow Measurement

For Acceptable Indoor Air Quality

Reduce Liability, Optimise Facility Performance, Improve Occupant Well-being

In commercial-scale buildings, engineers can limit their IAQ liability by providing airflow measurement for the outdoor air intake of each recirculating air handling unit. This method will document design compliance when the building is handed over to the owner.

Whenever the outdoor air ventilation rates are modulated, use of airflow measurement needs to be considered as dampers are not linear flow devices. External variations in wind and stack effect will also result in widely fluctuating outdoor air intake flow rates when airflow is not measured and controlled.

In science and health buildings precision airflow measurement and control reduces the risk to occupants from potential exposure to gases that are poisonous, reactive or flammable, or from air circulation that carry bacteria and viruses.

Putting the V into HVAC

Airflow measurement provides better tracking of ventilation rates, room air changes, directional airflow for zone pressurisation, and verification that minimum ventilation is achieved.

Measurements can set limits, such as the building component or the maximum diversity of the mechanical equipment.

BMS data collection can tie into airflow measurements for optimum facility performance. For example minimise the “lag effect” of CO2 measurement that can cause false negatives and implement a CO2/airflow population estimation strategy with “anticipation”.

Why Ebtron?

Performance | Quality | Value

  • Higher accuracy and repeatability: factory calibrated range 0 to 25 m/s with an installed accuracy from ± 3% to ± 15% depending on model selection and placement of probes
  • Avoidance of issues: associated with traditional differential pressure transducers and pitot tubes e.g., longer straight sections of duct, long term stability, and poor accuracy at low velocities
  • Connectivity: Modbus, BACnet, Analogue and Ethernet connectivity options
  • Value: industrial grade electronic components, factory calibration, custom built to meet strict project specifications

BMS Airflow Monitoring

AHU Applications: outdoor air delivery, flow tracking for building /floor pressurisation control, economiser switchover detection, supply air humidity & enthalpy monitoring, and switchover from normal to pandemic mode operation.

Indoor Air Quality Fundamentals – Flow Tracking Control System. Image courtesy of Ebtron.

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