Airflow Measurement

Improve occupant health, increase compliance, optimise performance

Control outdoor ventilation above minimum the design rate and provide healthy indoor air quality.

Airflow measurement with networked sensors provides the building management platform greater control and verification of ventilation.

Making ventilation system control smarter

Overlaying a traditional supply and return air system. Image courtesy of Ebtron

Engineers often cite accurate airflow measurement in steering HVAC for many reasons including:

  1. set airflow limits, such as the building component or the maximum diversity of the mechanical equipment
  2. improve air distribution for thermal comfort with high turn down thus avoiding the waste of reheat energy
  3. stable and effective building pressurisation to keep contaminates out e.g., vehicle pollutants, moisture

Cost-benefit analysis

Compare demand control ventilation on your next project to the alternative of energy reclaiming plant for preconditioning outdoor air (NCC 2019 Sect J).

Ebtron – a measurable difference

Higher accuracy and repeatability

Thermal dispersion technology is factory calibrated over its full operating range with an installed accuracy from ± 3% depending on model selection and placement in the field.

Avoidance of issues

Engineer out issues associated with traditional differential pressure transducers and pitot tubes e.g., longer straight sections of duct, long term stability, and poor accuracy at low velocities. Read more


Options for Modbus, BACnet, 0-10VDC or 4-20mA, Bluetooth, Aranet Cloud and IP

    Project development

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