Environmental Control

From autonomous vehicles, artificial organs and the simple room thermostat, well designed feedback control provides safe, precise and stable systems.

Life Science and Health

Environmental control represents one of the most important infrastructure and design considerations for our clients facilities. Control of airflow is critical.

Viscon’s expertise supports our project partners to deliver successful projects . Owner benefits with the best possible carbon reduction strategy while also maximising environmental outcomes.

Functional Room Control

A demand control ventilation (DCV) system that is dynamic, precise and smart. We work with recognised leaders in the the design and manuafacturing of controls, automation, software and measurement.

Our engineering goal with every project is to complement human capabilities with software rather than replace or tax with technology.

Maintenance and Operations

Flexible maintenance options are offered including on-site inspections, spare parts and a fixed-fee manufacturer assurance program for long term maintenance.

Controls system technician performing maintenance to an Aircuity environmental quality sensor suite – Sydney Australia 2019

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