Aranet CO2 Monitors

Safer Indoor Air

Carbon dioxide (CO2) monitors are an effective visual tool to measure indoor air quality. They demonstrate to occupants the state of the air around them.

According to OzSAGE in well ventilated spaces CO2 concentrations should stay below 800 ppm. Best practise is 600 ppm. Outdoor CO2 concentrations are about 420 ppm and the closer you are to this the better. More information

Get the Basics Right

Aranet4 measures CO2, temperature and relative humidity. It is battery operated with a low energy E-Ink display, traffic light indicator and optional buzzer.

The monitor has a low energy sunrise sensor made by SenseAir. This sensor uses dual-beam nondispersive infrared (NDIR) to precisely measure concentration of CO2.

Aranet4 App accesses real-time data with 7 days of measurement history for up to 20 individual monitors using Bluetooth connectivity.

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Project Delivery

In public buildings, Viscon can expand your reporting with robust data collection on the Aranet Cloud or other cloud-based platforms, and the facility BMS.

Viscon can support customers with an assessment of indoor air quality. This will assist you to determine if any of the existing elements e.g. mechanical ventilation, require or warrant further investigation.

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