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Viscon Systems offers building commissioning and start-up services tailor made for our clients.

Our people have experience of working on nearly 40 life science projects over the last 10 years across universities and government facilities.

As with any quality process, commissioning provides tools to enable everyone involved in the project to verify that the building meets the owner’s operational requirements. Below are examples of some tools Viscon use to aid in the commissioning process.

Existing Buildings

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

We spend 90% of our time indoors and according to the World Green Building Council, indoor air quality can contribute increases in productivity of 8 to 11 percent.  Our hands on assessment with minimum set up costs using wi-fi sensors and cloud based environmental data acquisition is explained here:  AirIQ

CO2 Sensor Case

Building Management Systems

Recently the IPCC warned the world that we only have 12 years to limit climate change to avoid a catastrophe.  The Building Management System (BMS) is the brain of modern commercial buildings.  We will help you to understand how your BMS and associated HVAC system is performing, where the issues lie, and how to cost effectively achieve efficient performance. Our Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) and Smart Analytics cloud based software provides the tools and independence for a fixed monthly fee with minimum set- up charges.

New Construction

Pre-Functional Checklists

Pre-functional checklists assist in completing site work tasks accurately, while preventing the overlooking of key requirements.  The checklists are used to avoid rework, improve quality and fast track commissioning at the end of construction.

Examples of checklists are shown here:

Essential Attributes of Building Commissioning

The following Essential Attributes of Building Commissioning are incorporated into every project for which we serve as the project’s Commissioning Agent on behalf of the owner: CxA Essentials