As a systematic quality-oriented process, commissioning enables stakeholders to verify that components, assemblies and systems meet the operational design requirements of the facility.

Our commissioning starts early in the project, enabling a more influential role in the design and final commissioning of a project for the owner and their facility team.


Commissioning software tools are enabling project teams to work together more efficiently, reducing waste and increasing productivity for the life of the facility.

QUICX user interface. Image courtesy of Chinook Systems

Component Checklists

Checklists assist constructors in completing component tasks accurately while preventing the overlooking of key operational requirements.  The checklists help to avoid rework, improve quality and fast track acceptance testing.  

Performance Testing

The purpose of performance testing is to verify as practical as possible, that BMS system level control meets the operational design requirements of the facility.

Site observation by an engineer. Image courtesy of Viscon Systems