Commissioning Process

Making The Built Environment Better

As an independent commissioning provider (CxP), Viscon implements a practical, cross-functional, systematic process to provide owners a level of confidence that buildings function as intended.

Deliver Successful Projects

Owners adopt the Commissioning (Cx) Process as their quality process to plan, design, construct, and operate facilities. The process supports both the Owner and their project partners through all stages of the project.

Retrofit And Repurpose

Apply the commissioning process to optimise existing buildings for the benefit of the organisation and communities including maximising the indoor environment and minimising the impact on our planet.

Smart Buildings

Implement new concepts and technologies in your project confidently including design for maintainablity and on-site renewable energy.

Buildings are complex and systems are highly integrated. Increased complexity and interactivity between disciplines and trades increases the possibility that small issues and defects with interfaces can have a major impact on operational performance.

Sustainablity And Carbon Reduction

Recognising the pivotal role commissioning plays Green Star awards points for commissioing in the management category for new and refurbished buildings.


  • Plan Management
  • Preparation of Owner Project Requirements
  • Design Review
  • Site Inspection
  • Functional Performance Testing
  • Integrated Systems Testing
  • Handover and Operations Support

“Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.” – President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Commissioning Resources 101

Technical Systems

Techncial systems that are the focus of commissioning can be energy related, systems where the owner and project team have experienced previous problems or business-critical systems e.g. environmental ergonimics, building management system (BMS)

The “Commissioning Process” vs. “Commissioning”

Source: University of Wisconsin, QCxP course

“Commissioning Process”is the overall owner’s quality delivery process. Defined by ASHRAE Guideline 0. Begins pre-design and lasts through 1st year of operation.

“Commissioning” can be building commissioning or systems commissioning. Often limited in scope, and often performed by a subcontractor to the construction contractor (usually checklists and witnessing of tests). VERY common.

“You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.”

– Albert Einstein
Essential Attributes

Diverse and creative approaches to commissioning benefit the discipline of commissioning and its clients. The Essential Elements of Building Commissioning document focuses on identifying critical attributes and components, rather than attempting to dictate a rigid commissioning process.

Building Commissioning Association

The Building Commissioning Association ( has published several best practice documents and occasionally provides webinars.

Expressions of interest to be part of organising committee for chapter in Australia contact: John Penny

Commissioning Software

Commissioning can be performed using templates in Excel and many are available at the BCxA website. Software systems developed specifically for commissioning teams provide advanced tools for many activities in the process and include the following:


NATSPEC is the National Master Specification in Australia for use with projects of all types and sizes. NATSPEC includes most, but not all, technical requirements for the majority of projects. NATSPEC’s objective is to improve the construction quality and productivity of the built environment.

Relevant Documents: TECHnote guidance for consideration

0127 Commissioning – Information; 0164 Commissioning; 0171 General Requirements.

Viscon Systems contributed to the “I Am Your Optimisation Guide” with NSW Government and AIRAH.

To discuss how the commissioning process will add value to your project or request a proposal contact John Penny, Director of CxP Services