Owner Commissioning

As an independent commissioning provider, we implement a comprehensive process to provide a level of confidence that technical systems function as intended.

Institutionalise Emission Reduction Efforts

Owners can adopt commissioning as their quality process in planning, designing, retrofitting, and operating facilities.

Implement new sustainable innovations for climate action in your project confidently1.

Optimise, Retrofit Buildings

This is often required due to changes in use of the facility, or problems such as high operational costs ( energy, maintenance etc.,) or poor air quality.

Technical Systems

Technical systems that are the focus of commissioning include the Building Management System (BMS), and energy related e.g., ventilation and cooling (HVAC)

Modern buildings are complex and techncial systems are highly integrated. Increased complexity and interactivity between disciplines increases the possibility that small issues with interfaces can have a major impact on performance.

How We Can Help

As an independent commissioning provider we work cooperatively to identify issues, opportunities and solve problems.

  • Technical support for owners and operators
  • Identification of typcial issues and opportunities for your type of facility
  • Details for operation and maintenance
  • Training support for personnel


Viscon recommends true, third-party commissioning to ASHRAE G0- 2019 guideline. This involves everyone from the owner, the design team, facility manager, operations staff, contractors, and building occupants.

“Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.”

-Dwight D. Eisenhower

Trust but verify.

Note 1: Global carbon emissions related to energy from buildings and construction were 37% of total emissions in 2019. Source: ‘2021 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction’, Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction

If you have been considering commissioning in your project we would be very happy to discuss your requirements and options