Commissioning and Start Up


We provide commissioning and start-up services tailor made for our clients project requirements.

John and the team have experience of working on nearly 40 life science projects over the last 10 years across universities and government facilities.

As with any quality process, commissioning provides documentation to enable everyone involved in the project to verify that the building meets the owner’s requirements.

Below are examples of documentation we work with to support our clients commissioning process.

Pre-Functional Checklist

Pre-functional checklist assist in completing site work on component tasks accurately, while preventing the overlooking of key requirements.  The checklists are used to avoid rework, improve quality and fast track commissioning at the end of construction.

Functional Performance Test

The purpose of the functional performance testing (FPT) is to verify and document that the HVAC system e.g. ventilation, and its interfaces with other building systems  meet the performance requirements specified in the design. Before this testing can be conducted on site, the individual components e.g. fans, and control systems are verified for proper operation through pre-functional checks.