Commissioning Process Consulting

Prepare for issues before they happen. We work with project teams to provide a level of confidence that facilities and systems function as intended.

The commissioning process is incorporated from pre-design through the life of the facility as a quality management method.

Facility elements are often highly integrated and interdepended. This increases the possibility that small issues with interfaces can result in less than optimal performance in operation.

What You Can Achieve

Sustainability and financial benefits including:

  • Owner and occupant satisfaction
  • Reduced life cycle cost
  • Identification of typical issues and opportunities for your type of facility
  • Effective operation and maintenance
  • Well-trained personnel

“Commissioning at its core, is about people.”

Building Commissioning Association

Optimise, Recommission

This is often required due to changes in use of the facility and the need to improve productivity, indoor air quality, maintainability, operability, or energy efficiency.

“The best economic payback is often found from changing how energy is managed in a facility rather than through installation of new technologies.”

John Penny


Our team implement international best practice, owner-led commissioning to ASHRAE G0. This involves co-operation with all people on the project team including the owner, design team, facility manager, operations staff, contractors, and occupants.

“The Commissioning Process is the best, most cost effective and successful quality method for constructed projects, and for enhancing productivity of existing buildings.”

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Trust But Verify