Since 2005, Viscon Systems has worked on nearly 40 research laboratory buildings. A number of technical documents ensure that expertly designed solutions are consistent with our clients’ needs, while providing an apt level of detail for each party involved in the project’s delivery. At handover, our clients can expect documentation such as the following, tailored to their individual project requirements.

Zone Verification Tables

Zone verification tables form the basis of our projects, ensuring that the client’s desired airflows can be met on a per-room basis. This then assists Viscon Systems in sourcing the most appropriate sized equipment to balance cost and performance.
View example Zone Verification Tables here.

Room Schedule

The room schedule is produced to maintain a register of the equipment going into the project. Maximum and minimum flows from the client are compared to those from the factory, and a safety factor can easily be determined.
View an example Room Schedule here.

Wiring Diagrams

Viscon’s wiring schematics are produced to enable the various parties, from contractors and installers to design engineers, to have a comprehensive understanding of the electrical routing and connections involved in the project. Included in these schematics are the wire types and gauges, safety and application notes, as well as BMS network architectures and room level connection diagrams.
View example Wiring Schematics here.

Sequence of Operation

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