Engineered Solutions

“If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.”

– Lord Kelvin

From autonomous vehicles, artificial organs and the simple room thermostat, well designed feedback control provides safe, efficient and consistent systems.

Engineering Great Projects

Emphasis is on the engineering of a system that minimises the owner’s energy costs, is fit for purpose, and is well supported.

Software is engineered with the goal of complementing our human capabilities rather than replacing or taxing with technology.

Start-Up, Check-Out and Testing

Equipment and systems are fully checked out, tested, and placed into operation by factory trained technicians.

Operation and Maintenance Support

We are committed to achieving the best return of investment for our valued customers. We offer flexible maintenance options – from low-scope services and spare parts to a program with advanced guarantees. On-site and remote service available. Bookings essential.

Controls system technician performing maintenance to an Aircuity sensor suite – Sydney Australia 2019

Your efforts and insights about high level design requirements including operability and maintainability are key to delivering great projects.

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