Engineered To Control

My work in the automation and control industry started in 1987 as a commissioning engineer on the construction of Parliament House, Canberra with Honeywell.  Since then I have witnessed the industry experience dramatic technological change with the internet, miniaturisation of electronics and widespread adoption of software in almost everything.

Through the years I have been dedicated to assisting consulting engineers and contractors in the design and commissioning of building automation to ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems. Our end user clients, the building owners and their services operation, ultimately benefit from safe, efficient and consistent operation.

The complexity in some buildings today makes me think of them more like a machine. However as our project portfolio testifies many are architecturally strong.

As we move forward to 2020 we will face bigger challenges. More than ever, a comprehensive plan and suite of solutions are needed for the environmental crisis. Buildings account for a massive amount of energy use worldwide and automation is a major part of the solution.

I thank our clients for supporting us. We could not do what we do without you.

John Penny and the team

December, 2018        
Brisbane, Queensland