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4. Outdoor Airflow – Measurement And Control

Australia’s Standard for mechanical ventilation AS 1668:2 is a minimum design requirement and owners should maintain and verify basic operational requirement. A concern for many owners and their facility managers […]

3. Critical Airflow in Healthcare

Mitigating The Risk From Airborne Infections In the ASHRAE Handbook there are three engineered controls described for room pressurisation and directional airflow. Two of these controls – direct pressure and […]

2. Fume Cupboard Performance Testing

Perhaps the most important operational requirement in chemistry laboratories is the rapid disturbances from the opening and closing of fume cupboard sashes. Such disturbances require a fast response from the […]

1. Pressure Dependent Vs Pressure Independent Control

Pressure Dependent Applied using blade dampers Advantages Straightforward, simple design Low cost of controls Minimum requirement Disadvantages Stability is compromised because the system is pressure dependent. Changes and fluctuations create […]