Control and automation often require regular maintenance to ensure safe and energy efficient operation.

Safeguard researchers from potential exposure to gases that are poisonous, reactive or flammable, or from air circulation that carry bacteria and viruses.

Avoid premature degradation and higher costs to repair equipment and protect the return on investment.

Control system technician performing maintenance on an indoor air quality monitoring station. Image courtesy of Viscon Systems

Maintenance Programs

To improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions a complete maintenance overhaul of the building management system (BMS) will often be required.

Operational and maintenance (O&M) manuals must contain essential information and instruction on the correct use, operation, maintenance and on-going tuning of the control and automation system installed in the facility.  

“When you can’t take something apart, you can’t understand it. When it breaks, you can’t fix it. When you want to do something more, you can’t modify it.” — Tim O’Reilly

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