Laboratory ventilation systems require regular and appropriate maintenance to ensure proper operation and performance. Proper operation is required to safeguard people working with potentially hazardous materials and to ensure effective and efficient operation over the life cycle of the system.

Poor or ineffective maintenance can lead to premature degradation of the systems and high costs to repair and upgrade them following degradation. Furthermore, the maintenance helps protect the return on investment.


We support owners with the following services:

  • Customised maintenance programs
  • Training and education on systems operation and application
  • Retro-commissioning for increased energy savings
  • Site surveys and audits
  • Upgrades and renewals

Operator & Maintenance Manual

The operating and maintenance (O&M) manual contains essential information and instruction on the correct use, operation and maintenance of the system.  View: OM Sample

Field technician performing a 6 monthly sensor swap out of an Aircuity SST.Engineer performing a 6 monthly sensor swap out of an Aircuity SST