Control and automation to air conditioning and ventilation systems need regular but cost effective maintenance. This ensures safe and energy efficient operation for the lifetime of the equipment and systems in the facility.

Regular maintenance avoids premature degradation of equipment and higher costs to repair. It protects the owner’s return on investment.

In research laboratories and health care facilities, safeguarding workers and visitors is critical. Hazards include potential exposure to gases or from air circulation that carry bacteria and viruses. The solution is to verify ventilation rates and room pressurisation profiles are set correctly and meet current facility requirements (CFR).

Control system technician performing a sensor swap -out on an indoor air quality monitoring station. Image courtesy of Viscon Systems

Operational Improvement

A maintenance overhaul of the facility’s building management system (BMS) will often uncover many faults and energy efficiency opportunities that are cost effective to implement.

Examples of energy saving measures – equipment scheduling, repairs to VAV terminal components and simultaneous heating and cooling operation.

First Step To Taking Back Control

The facility’s operational and maintenance (O&M) manual should contain all the essential information and instruction on the correct use, operation, maintenance and tuning of the BMS system.

“When you can’t take something apart, you can’t understand it. When it breaks, you can’t fix it. When you want to do something more, you can’t modify it.” — Tim O’Reilly

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