A Regular Annual Checkup

If you want to be sure your mechanical system is operating so it protects your health, the single best recommendation we can give you is to perform commissioning with health as your prime requirement.

If you are not familiar with commissioning, it is worth your time getting up to speed quickly. Commissioning is a process for successful projects by which you make sure your building is performing the way it is intended to. Regular commissioning in existing buildings is like going to the doctor for an annual check-up. It helps you catch things early, before your building ends up in ER, where you can spend 10 times as much fixing the problem.

Our Guidance for Mechanical Systems

  • Measure air quality in the space with a CO2 monitor to determine whether outdoor ventilation is good or bad
  • Increase the outdoor ventilation rate and minimise recirculation
  • Supplement ventilation with local exhaust and high efficiency air filtration
  • Schedule ventilation at least 2 hours before and after occupancy

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