People Counter

Typical Application: The CENSus-C100 is a unique solution for dependable people counting using thermal imaging sensing for the BMS climate control computer. CENSus is engineered for demand control ventilation (DCV) and to meet design requirement in Australian Standard AS1668:2 § 2.9.2.

CENSus-C100 people counter

Installed at single width interior doors or openings. Multiple counters can be installed on a room or floor with more than one entry. Communication network is BACnet MSTP.

A revolution for today’s healthy buildings

NCC 2019 Section J deemed to satisfy requires all air handling systems with an outdoor air flow rate greater than prescribed airflows e.g., 500 L/s in east Sydney, must be provided with demand control ventilation (DCV) or energy reclaim plant for preconditioning outdoor air.

Improve demand control ventilation (DCV) with outdoor airflow measurement. Compare DCV cost/benefit with energy reclaim plant.

Ebtron people counting is best applied in places with single width doors or entries with fixed seating such as classrooms, lecture rooms and in larger spaces where carbon dioxide (CO2) lag would be the greatest, such as gyms and libraries.

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Technical resources

For complete product documentation and software please refer to the manufacturer website: Ebtron