Environmental Monitoring For Buildings, Infrastructure and Services

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Do You Need To Determine If Ventilation Is Good Or Bad?

We recommend wireless Aranat4 Pro – CO2, temperature and relative humidity (RH) monitors. Includes analysis software to help you optimise the control strategy. Examples include retail, pubs and clubs, libraries, classrooms and public buildings.

Wireless Environmental Monitoring – Aranet SAF Tehnika

Application: IoT wireless devices and software to monitor and optimise the control strategy in commercial buildings and industrial

Benefits of wireless monitoring:

  • Low cost: Installing or replacing a sensor requires no additional wiring or support from an electrician. Wireless sensors are easy to install yourself. You can place them wherever you want to take accurate measurements.
  • More insight: The extra data will give you more insight about the environmental conditions. This helps you to further optimize the control strategy.
  • No need to go through IT: Works on the license free network radio frequency band of 915 MHz in Australia. Free software can be downloaded to your smart device and web browser.
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Thermal Dispersion Airflow Measurement – Ebtron Inc

Application: Permanent HVAC monitoring for the control strategy e.g., fan equipment, fresh air intakes, directional airflow movement between rooms

Benefits of thermal dispersion sensing for feedback control:

  • Higher accuracy and repeatability: For lower air velocities (0.25 to 25 m/s with an accuracy of ± 3% of reading)
  • Avoidance of issues: associated with traditional pressure transducers e.g. zero offset, long term stability
  • Flexibility: 1 to 16 sensors for each duct location to suit every application small or large

Well designed feedback control provides safe, efficient and consistent systems.

Technical Data Sheets