About sensor electronics

We offer quality product and support in monitoring and verification of ventilation in buildings including indoor air quality, and thermal comfort.

Portable CO2 monitor

A portable CO2 monitor can help you determine how stale or fresh the air is in rooms. Readings above 800 parts per million (ppm) suggest that you may need to bring more fresh, outdoor air into the space. A portable monitor will often provide a more reliable measurement than a permanently mounted sensor.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy life science facility

Aircuity is the 20-year industry leader in North America for healthy and sustainable indoor environments. The backbone of the durable system is a patented, multiplexed demand control ventilation platform that continuously optimises lab ventilation rates and provides intelligent data to a wide variety of constituents including the building automation system.

Aircuity sensor suite
Delivering proper ventilation and optimal air quality

Ebtron is a recognised leader in North America for 40 years in accurate airflow measurement for ventilation associated with HVAC systems. The GTx116e-PC is the premium solution for large ducts in hospital and laboratory pressurisation, and outdoor air delivery monitoring in commercial buildings.

Ebtron GTx116e-PC
People counting

The CENSus is a unique solution for dependable people counting using thermal imaging sensing for improving the performance of your control and BMS system. CENSus is manufactured in the USA and engineered for demand control ventilation (DCV) to meet design requirement AS1668:2 § 2.9.2.

We recommend people counting is best applied in places with fixed seating such as classrooms, lecture rooms and in larger spaces where carbon dioxide (CO2) lag would be the greatest, such as gyms and libraries.

Better measurement of ventilation (L/s) per person is achieved with more dependable counting.

CENSus-C100 people counter
Better measurement = gain control
Aranet IoT devices

Aranet in Europe designs and manufactures a broad range of wireless sensors and systems for different sectors including building IAQ and horticulture indoor climate control. This includes the portable ARANET4 PRO monitor, robust LPWAN technology and Aranet Cloud platform for data collection and analytics.

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