Thermal Dispersion Airflow MeasurementEbtron

Product imported by Vista Controls Pty Ltd

Typical Applications: direct outdoor air delivery monitoring and control, differential airflow tracking for building pressurisation control, airside economizer enthalpy switchover detection, supply air humidity monitoring and control

Benefits of Ebtron thermal dispersion sensing for feedback control include:

  • Higher accuracy and repeatability: for lower air velocities (0.25 to 25 m/s with an accuracy of ± 3% of reading)
  • Avoidance of issues: associated with traditional differential pressure transducers e.g. zero offset, long term stability
  • Flexibility: 1 to 16 sensors for each duct location to suit every application small or large, critical or normal, retro-fit or new install
  • Connectivity: BMS, SCADA and PLC using Modbus and BACnet including 0-10V voltage and 4-20mA current options

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