Wireless Indoor Air Quality Monitor Aranet 4 Pro

Product imported by Vista Controls Pty Ltd

Perform an assessment of your ventilation by measuring carbon dioxide (CO2 ), temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. Portable battery operated E-Ink display and communications with Bluetooth and LoRa. App for configuration and data analysis.

Aranet 4 PRO is suitable for surveying cafes, bars, gyms, classrooms and public buildings. In well ventilated spaces CO2 level should normally stay below 800 ppm. In poorly ventilated spaces CO2 can reach levels of 3,000-5,000 ppm which is a very dangerous situation.

Benefits of wireless monitoring include:

  • Low cost: Installing or replacing a sensor requires no additional wiring or support from an electrician. Wireless sensors are easy to install yourself. You can place them wherever you want to take accurate measurements.
  • More insight: The extra data will give you more insight about the environmental conditions. This helps you to further optimize the control strategy in the BMS/PLC.
  • No need to go through IT: Works on the license free network radio frequency band of 915-928 MHz for IoT/ LORAWan in Australia. Free software can be downloaded to your smart device and web browser.
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