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A portable CO2 monitor can help you determine how stale or fresh the air is in rooms. Readings above 800 parts per million (ppm) suggest that you may need to bring more fresh, outdoor air into the space.

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Further information

We can help you perform an assessment of ventilation as part of the HVAC&R system.

The following information is provided to assist with an operational management plan for your building.

Interpretation of measurements

The monitor’s threshold levels for CO2 alarming indication are recommended to be set as following:

  • below 800 ppm green, satisfactory ventilation in occupied space1
  • between 800 and 1,500 ppm orange, warning – verify ventilation devices and return to normal as soon as possible
  • Above 1,500 ppm red, insufficient ventilation – take action as soon as possible to act on cause and return to normal

The easiest way to lower the CO2 level is to open windows, vents and doors on opposite sides of the room to enable air circulation. Alternatively, turn on the outdoor ventilation.

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