Modern buildings are complex and systems are highly integrated. Increased complexity and interactivity between technical disciplines increases the possibility that small issues with interconnectivity can have a major impact on operational performance. Don’t drown in a sea of spreadsheets.

Developed by Chinook in the United States, Quicx is a cloud-based, cyber-secure platform to help manage commissioning, QA/QC, equipment assets, checklists, functional performance tests, the building management platform, and project risk across the entire facility lifecycle.

Quicx’s remote and mobile capabilities allow teams on site to access, capture, and upload facility and asset data in real time, quickly and efficiently.

Everything can be linked

Just about everything on a project is interconnected. Your data should be too. The innovative Quicx database gives you the power to make connections.

Preparing a functional performance test pack and related equipment for a PC2 lab – click image for more detail

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Technical support: support@viscon-systems.com.au