Making Buildings Perform Better


Designed by owners for owners. As a systematic quality-oriented process, commissioning enables stakeholders during design and construction to verify that systems, assemblies and components meet the operational requirements of the facility.

Our professionals commence in early stages of design, enabling a more influential role in the engineering, construction and final commissioning phases.

Project Management

Engineering and construction software tools are enabling project teams to work together more efficiently, reducing waste and ensuring compliance for the life of the facility.

QUICX user interface. Image courtesy of Chinook Systems

Functional Performance Testing

The purpose of performance testing is to verify as practical as possible, that building support systems and assemblies meet the operational design requirements of the facility for the owner.

Site observation by an engineer during testing. Image courtesy of Viscon Systems


Smart analysis of data with a cloud platform such as empowers operations teams to understand how well the ventilation systems are performing, where the important issues with air quality lie, and to cost-effectively achieve efficiency.

Control system technician performing a sensor exchange on an air quality monitoring suite. Image courtesy of Viscon Systems