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Since 2002 Viscon Systems has been supporting consulting engineering firms with our efficiently designed control systems.

Critical to the quality of our work is the precision and clarity of the specification – an integral factor known to prevent contractor issues and improve transparency in design and construction stages.

Building owners and managers, ultimately benefit from an efficiently designed control system as a result of our endeavour.

“Properly designed feedback control provides safe, efficient, and consistent systems.” John Penny

As a commissioning authority we lead, plan, schedule and co-ordinate commissioning teams to implement a quality focussed process.

Our work in pre-design is critical for the calibre of a project to do what it’s suppose to do, do it efficiently and reliably, and do it for a long time.

Commissioning can be applied to achieve the following benefits:

  • Reduced life cycle cost
  • Reduced first cost
  • Actionable data for effective operation and maintenance
  • Well-trained operating personnel
  • Reduced risk for project team members
  • Owner satisfaction

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