Net-Zero Buildings

Project Management

The best projects are a result of the people that lead them and the work environment they create.

Better methods and the use of cloud based software can help teams collaborate, track progress, reduce waste and ensure compliance.

QUICX user interface for commissioning constructed projects. Image courtesy of Chinook Systems

Commissioning Integration

Building commissioning is a quality process a customer decides to use for planning, designing, constructing, and operating the facility. The key characteristics of the commissioning process, as with any quality process, are as follows:

  • Work is accomplished correctly the first time
  • The individual worker determines the level of quality
  • What constitutes a “successful” project is clearly defined.
Trust but verify – functional performance testing

Control Engineering

Ventilation systems safeguard thousands of researchers and their work in laboratories around Australia.

Working with customers in both existing buildings and constructed projects, we can engineer solutions to meet facility or project requirements.

In facilities we offer training and instruction to empower the operations team to correctly and timeously ensure that maintenance is conducted.

Viscon is an authorised agent of building controls from Aircuity, Ebtron and Phoenix Controls.

Control system technician performing a sensor exchange on an air quality monitoring suite. Image courtesy of Viscon Systems

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