Pre-functional checklist (PFC)


These checklists are used for equipment and assemblies that are delivered, installed, and started up during construction. There is an individual checklist for each individual piece of equipment.

The QUICX platform supports personnel in managing and completing the checklists on site for all equipment on the project. An equipment database connects to the checklists avoiding the need for double entry of equipment names, locations and tag identifiers.

General Instructions
  • This checklist form is to be completed as the work is completed.
  • Complete sect 1 – model verification on delivery of equipment either to the job site or storage location
  • Complet section 2 – preinstallation checks just prior to initial installation by those who are doing the work including other trades.
  • Complete section 3 – installation and startup as installation progresses by those who are doing the work
  • Complete section 4 – fill in comments for negative responses
  • Tick the contractor (Ctr) item boxes as work is completed, sign and date as indicated.
  • Attach any relevant information as necessary to the form
1. (Insert equipment or assembly name) MODEL VERIFICATION
Nameplate IdentificationSpecifiedSubmittedInstalled
(list items to check, such as manufacturer, model, size, and capacity)
2. Pre-Installation Checks

The following must be completed upon delivery of equipment to the worksite. Prior to installation, the information must be verified by the CxA.

Physical checks such as free of damage and cleanliness
Component verification prior to installation such as location and type of components
3. Installation, startup and testing

The following items need to be verified during installation. Fill in blanks with specific information. For any negative responses, complete the comments section at bottom of form.

Structure checks into groups such as mechanical, electric and BMS.

Attach sheets to test form as necessary.

Item #Reason for negative responseResolution
Example of published checklist