Monitoring and Control For Critical Healthcare Spaces

Net Air PRO products integrate directly with your building management system (BMS) and mechanical ventilation for optimum control.

PRO products have a 3 year warranty and technical support.

Thank you to our manufacturers for designing us durable and reliable technology.

Wireless Environmental Monitoring

CO2_temperature_humidity_monitor_user manual rev1.03 – 09/20 Base_station_user_manual_rev5

Airflow Control Portfolio

CV_mechanical_venturi_valve_product_data_sheet _rev10/17 VAV_BMS_venturi_valve_product_data_sheet_rev10/17 Venturi_valve_installation_guide_rev04/17 Venturi_valve_flange_install_guide_rev04/15

Airflow Monitoring Station Portfolio

AFMS_airflow_measuring_station_product_data_sheet rev07/19 AFMS_airflow_temperature_ relative_humidity_data_sheet_rev08/19 AFMS_install_placement_guide_rev07/20 AFMS_insertion_mount_install_guide_rev07/20 AFMS_internal_mount_install_guide_rev07/20 AFMS_standoff_mount_install_rev07/20 AFD_airflow_mesurement_for_small_ducts_product_data_sheet_rev07/20 AFD_small_duct_install_guide_rev07/20

Pressure and Airflow Volume Transmitter Portfolio

Pressure_airflow volume_transmitter_product_data_sheet_rev07/20

Air Quality Monitoring & Supervisory Control System

Air quality_sensor_suite_data_sheet_sheet_08/17 Air_quality_sensor_overview_product_data_sheet_rev08/17 Air_quality_tubing_product_data_sheet_rev07/20 Air_quality_vacum_pump_product_data_sheet_rev07/19 Air_quality_data_router_product_data_sheet_rev04/19

Technical Resources

Venturi air valve performance videos

Indoor air quality control_platform introduction


Aircuity (USA)

Aircuity is the 20-year industry leader in healthy indoor environments and energy efficiency. A patented, multiplexed demand control ventilation platform continuously optimizes ventilation rates and provides intelligent data to a wide variety of stakeholders.


CMR has been manufacturing pressure sensors since 1980 and more than 500,000 sensors are in use world wide. The CMR pressure transducer is known for its high accuracy and repeatability.

Ebtron (USA)

EBTRON introduced the first economically viable thermal dispersion airflow measuring device for HVAC applications in the early 1980s. The Company pioneered outdoor airflow measurement for control later that decade. Continued commitment to new product development has allowed Ebtron to be a recognized leader in its field.