About us

Our mission is to provide quality products and support to help you control your indoor environment.

We are very engineering driven and our belief in environmental sustainability, people’s health and well-being, and quality systems guide us in our mission. Our policies are available on request.

Sensor electronics that make a positive difference everyday

We offer quality products and support in ventilation, air quality and thermal health for your project.

Gain control

Increase performance, productivity and quality by using the commissioning process. Achieve the end goals for your project.

Our customers

We support clients in healthcare, life science, education, manufacturing and public buildings.

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If you are a HVAC service provider and interested in serving the market in southeast Qld with top-of-the-line products and support, please get in contact.

Self-diagnose and evaluate the indoor carbon dioxide (CO2) level in real time and the means of ventilation with an Aranet4 Pro monitor

Viscon Systems – Brisbane

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